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Residential and Foreclosure cleanings. Prompt and professional with 10+ years of experience. We also do move out cleanings. We offer one time, weekly, or once a month cleanings. Garbage will be taken out after every job is completed. Had a big event at your home? We'll do that clean up as well. Call, send an email for pricing or check out our social media. Set rates. We do all basic cleaning including dishwashers, ovens and windows. The only thing we ask is all valuable items get put away before we start, the home owner is present and a review of how our service was to you. Servicing New York and also offering Maid services for New Years, Valentine's Day and Christmas. We also travel to parts of New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania which will be extra including if your property is more than 1400sqft.


Stay on top of your health! #healthiswealth
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2 Days left to book your appointment with us! After the 21st we will start back up for the 27, 28 & 29th. Then begin a new schedule 2023. #NewYork

PC: Adam.B
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The appt schedule will open back up 11/28-12/21. Serious inquiries only!
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Rose Hips may also help protect against Type 2 Diabetes. With the weather changing drastically from 80 degrees to 38 in NY, ppl are getting sick all over again fast. We need things to help boost our immune system and increase our Vitamin C intake.
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#HealthyLiving #Tips #Saturday #Rosehips Rose Hips are high in flavonoids that are antioxidants that help reduce high blood pressure. It has been proven to help improve Allergic Rhinitis...
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#Halloween #StaySafe
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PC: A.Przeniewski
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Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary
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Our SKIN acts as a barrier for things like germs , fungi etc. Pay attention to it. 😉
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2. Utilize a good sunscreen even if you are a person of color.
3. Manage your stress level because it could cause acne break outs and rashes
4. Get a good skin routine going but avoid strong items that will dry out your skin.
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#Healthy #Living #Tips #Saturday Today we will touch on the largest organ we have which is our SKIN! Ways to take care of it besides a healthy diet and moisturizing...
1. Try to avoid injury to your skin as much as possible....
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Not getting a handle on your blood pressure can cause horrible chest pain or worse. Also, you can try a garlic supplement which is known to help reduce your blood pressure level. But remember really low blood pressure can be detrimental also. Beets can also help🍠🍊🍋
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...You have to monitor the things you intake. Make a habit of reading the ingredients on the package of what you're buying to eat or drink. Exercise, cut out the salt, no excessive alcohol, if you're a chronic smoker seek help, help yourself to reduce stress levels...
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#HealthyLiving #Tips #Saturday will touch on High Blood Pressure. It doesn't target only older adults. A habit of eating bad food, fast food, salty food/snacks, not exercising, etc can effect anyone of any age....
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Our October schedule is open!! Call/DM to book with us now. Serious inquiries only. Also, tune in tomorrow for #healthyluving #tips #saturday 😉
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Add to the beauty of your kitchen

*Not sponsored but worth it.

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Ashwagandha can also help improve your immune system. For more info research and see for yourself 😉
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#Healthy #Living #Tips #Saturday !!!!! Today we'll briefly go over #Ashwagandha

It is a plant that is used to calm your brain related to stress and has the possibility of helping with your mental health. It can help reduce swelling and help low your blood pressure....
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#Invest in your health
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Get Your Water Tested....
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Difficulties prepare you for victory. Failure prepares you for success. Poverty prepares you for prosperity. Ignorance prepares you for truth. God is the one who sends whatever it is you need to be prepared.
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#Healthy #Living #Tips #Saturday
Let's begin with the #Cherry 🍒. Your intake of cherries can reduce your risk or Gout by 35%. Next is cholesterol! Reduce your intake of saturated fats pertaining to cheese, fatty meat, dairy desserts, etc.
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